About Lacquer Finish

About Lacquer Finish

What type of floor finish (pre-finish) is used?

EverJade bamboo flooring solid planks are pre-finished with a 7 stage, water-based, UV-cured acrylic urethane. Manufactured in Germany by Treffert, this is a high quality product that will perform well for many years. The Treffert GmbH organization is a world renowned producer of quality industrial wood finishes and certifies that their UV Duro-Sealer and UV Anti-Scratch Top Coat are environmentally safe and free of any harmful chemical compounds.
The Treffert Industrial Wood Coatings utilized fulfill the following characteristics:

¡¡> comply with the EN71 Quality Standard
¡¡> there is no migration of hazardous elements
¡¡> there is no harm from direct skin or oral contact with coated surfaces
¡¡> according to the EN71, the products are suitable for all types of interior decoration
¡¡> the coatings are based on waterborne polyurethane dispersions or acrylated polymers
¡¡> the coatings are vinyl-free
¡¡> the coatings do not produce obnoxious gases when being burned or decomposed

Treffert UV Lacquers are free of Halogenated Hydrocarbons, Heavy Metals, Herbicides, Pesticides, Formaldehyde, and any harmful emissions.

EverJade Adopts Aluminum Oxide Lacquer with Seven Coatings

From the viewpoint of a professional, the quality of coating surface and structure decide the quality of bamboo flooring. The high quality of the coating surface is a vital factor to high quality flooring. With this concern, EverJade mainly adopts Aluminum Oxide U.V. Curable coating and Drip Paint of Acrylic Polyurethane as supplement. Now EverJade has set up good relationship with the most famous coating manufacturers in the world such Treffert Germany, Klump Germany, Bona Sweden and so on, which ensure the high quality of the coating surface of EverJade bamboo flooring.

Seven Layers’ Coating Process

7Coats, High Wear UV-cured Acrylic Urethane W/aluminum oxide in base coats and Anti-Scratch top coats in a Low Satin Gloss of approximately 35(+/-5)

Coating Performance

Technical Specification
The ensuing technical specifications refer to a solid bamboo flooring coated in accordance to Treffert specifications with approximately 110g/©O acrylic UV floor coatings.
Layer Construction (wet in g/©O)
– H2O UV- Barrier Coat20
– UV-Filler20
– UV-Duro Sealer(AI2O3)30
– UV- Sealer(AI2O3)30
– HPC-UV Anti Scratch-Topcoat
Surface Resistance
DIN 51960FlammabilityK1(No Spread of Flames)
ASTM 4060Abrasion>30.000 rev.
EN 438-2.6Abrasion>550 rev.
EN 438-2.11Impact Resistance>5N
EN 438-2.14Scratch Resistance>2.5N
EN 438-2.15Stain Resistance5*(No Visible Change)
EN ISO 2409Adhesion0 (100%)
* For EN5 = no visible change0 = surface destroyed
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