FAQs for company

Q: How is EverJade brand?

EverJade is famous brand bamboo flooring manufacturer of China, has:
– 15+ years:  manufacturer experience.
– 140000 square meters factory

Q: What Certifications do you have?

ISO9001, ISO14001, CE  certifications etc. 100% quality check before each of shipment.

Q: What is your Payment methods?

Accept payment via T/T (Bank transfer), Western Union, and PayPal;
Accept L/C at sight .

Q: How long is your production time?

20-25 working days after receiving deposit.

Q: What is the Shipping Way?

By sea to your nearest seaport

FAQs for products

Q: Compared with hardwood flooring, what virtues does your bamboo flooring have?

Compared with hardwood flooring, our bamboo flooring has many good virtues. First, our bamboo flooring is an environmental product and the growing season of bamboo is much shorter than the decades for hardwood forests to mature. Each year, one “mother tree” in the now-thinned-out acre makes several new stems that grow to full length in a few months and to mature hardness in about five years, so our bamboo flooring has plentiful natural resource. Secondly, our bamboo flooring has higher hardness, so it is more durable than hardwood flooring. Then the third, our bamboo flooring can be installed very conveniently. When installed, it can be glued, nailed, or nailed with glue. Except all the above, our bamboo flooring has better grain and is more elegant and graceful than hardwood flooring.

Q: What kind of finish does your bamboo flooring use and what are the virtues of the finish?

Our bamboo flooring is finished with seven coats of 100% solid UV cured urethane, which makes the flooring resistant to abrasion, chemical and stain, fire, indentation and oiling. Furthermore, our bamboo flooring with this kind of particular finish has another virtue of electrostatic prevention

Q: What’s the moisture content of your bamboo flooring?

Our bamboo flooring is kiln dried and plastic sealed before packing, and its interior moisture content is controlled within 8%-10%.

Q: How to maintain bamboo flooring?

1. Keep the floor clean, and use soft damping cloth to scrub the floor gently.
2. Avoid osculating volumes of water. Mop up the water and clean the floor in time if that happens.
3. Place a piece of doormat at the entrance to the room so as to prevent such things as dust and sand from being carried in. At the same time, the doormat must be keep clean.
4. Never gride on the surface of bamboo flooring with nails or enter the room in shoes with metal pins.
5. According to the service condition, wax or varnish the floor every several years and try to keep the varnish film glabrous.
6. Keep the windows open often for ventilation and also to adjust the indoor temperature.
7. Avoid being insolated long by strong sunlight under normal conditions.
8. Keep the room as ventilated and dry as possible

Q: Where does your bamboo flooring come from?

Our bamboo flooring comes from EverJade Flooring Products Co.Ltd. which is one of the main bamboo flooring manufacturers in China. All bamboo material is selected before being manufactured into floors, so the quality of our products is good and reliable.

Q: What colors do your products have?

Our products have two main colors. One is natural blond color and the other is carbonated brown color. Carbonization is a boiling process, so it may create another darker brown color.

Q: How hard is your bamboo flooring?

When tested according to the standards of the National Wood Flooring Association Test (Janka Ball Hardness Test), it shows an average hardness of 1320 PSI comparing with the northern red oak. The carbonization process reduces the result to 1010 PSI, the strength of walnut.
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