Bamboo Flooring Maintenance

Dear customer, thank you for buying EverJade bamboo flooring. To provide better service for your usage and protect your rights, please conform to the following maintenance instructions strictly. We should not bear the responsibility caused by any operations that disobey the following rules.

1. Before furniture is placed onto the bamboo floor, floor protector pads should be installed on the bottom of all furniture legs. Also, rugs should be placed at all entrances to the area.

2. DO use a vacuum cleaner and a dry mop to clean the floor daily. Floors with especially heavy use should be swept up to three times a day.

3. DO wipe up spills or any other moisture on the floor immediately.

4. DO apply a flooring wax to the area where has been slightly scratched. And apply a light wax to the surface of bamboo floor periodically.

5. DO make sure the heating/ventilating/air conditioning system is working properly, with normal humidity levels. Indoor relative humidity should be between 35 and 50 percent year-round.

6. DO inspect the floor for abnormal tightening or shrinkage. In wet weather, carefully monitor doors and windows for water leakage.

7. DO remove debris from expansion voids.

8. NO heavy and sharp things are allowed to directly touch the bamboo floor.

9. DO NOT use household cleaning products (such as ammonia, air spray etc), which damage the floor finish and also may leave the floor slippery or sticky.

10. DO NOT clean the floor with scrubbing machinery or power scrubbers.

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