Bamboo Flooring Process

Our bamboo flooring production process as follows:

natural bamboo
All our products are made of bamboo bamboo Mao (Maozhu) which is high quality and is produced locally. Mao bamboo grows more slowly in our region than in other parts of China due to climate and soil making it denser and harder than most bamboo flooring on the market.

natural process
Buy bamboo materials, cut the pieces to be fixed, get a thin piece

Boiled and dried
All bamboo strips are boiled for two hours in warm water which will remove the liquid and also prevents damage bamboo with mosquitoes and bacteria over time

fine process
Collection of thin bamboo strips and selection according to color and brightness

Paste the bamboo strip through thermal compression.

Combine strips in hot compression, cold treatment

Combining layers in hot compression, cold treatment

Cut to size
Cut and finish all four sides according to the specific measure

Tabs & connections
We use the most advanced machines for working wood to reduce the tolerances to a maximum of 0.2 mm, which ensures there are no spaces between the sheets.

Strong sanding, painting the back side, baking with ultraviolet rays, painted on the opposite side (first time), baked with ultraviolet rays, fine sanding

UV lacquer passing 3 times

check quality